Heritage Day Women’s Brunch

On Wednesday, September 24, the women of the Powerhouse Church gathered together to celebrate Heritage Day, a national holiday in South Africa, as the kick-off event for the newly re-energized Powerhouse's Women's Ministry. The day was a huge success! The sanctuary was beautifully decorated with African wares and festive centerpieces, and everyone came dressed in their traditional tribal attire. Gloria had arranged for me and Annie traditional dresses and headpieces to wear, which was a very fun surprise. By half past noon, the church was packed with more than 120 women, most regular Powerhouse-goers, but many new to the church. Amazingly we had enough food for everyone. We sang and danced into the evening, and it was obvious that the women loved being decked out in their respective Zulu, Xhosa, Swazi, Ndebele and Tsonga dress. What a way to return to Africa! Despite the various tribes/backgrounds/cultures/traditions represented, the message of the day was the celebration of a shared adoption in Christ. In fact, the keynote speech, you might call it, was on how God, creator of everything, surpasses culture and tradition as He is the very owner of all things cultural. The fellowship shared among the women on Wednesday was wonderful to see, and Annie and I are excited about the bimonthly women's ministry that will get underway in October. Looking forward to more fun!

Siyakubonga - We Thank You Lord from Nathan Clendenin on Vimeo.

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Written by Rebecca
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One Response to “Heritage Day Women’s Brunch”

  1. Dave says:

    Love the update…and I love the video. AND I love the fact that I can now access your web site….Praise the Lord. Again, I miss you guys.

    Also, any chance I can order one of those dresses for “my Charese?”