This site is dedicated to telling stories about life in the township of Mamelodi, located near Pretoria, South Africa. These stories are told through still photos, audio, video and the written word in hopes that the viewer/listener/reader will experience a bit of what life in Mamelodi is like.

From August 2008 to June 2009, the authors, Nathan and Rebecca Clendenin, served as interns with Africa Revolution, a small nonprofit that serves a number of Sub-Saharan churches and communities. We spent a large portion of our time working with a church in Mamelodi called the Powerhouse teaching skills development classes.

We encourage you read more about our calling to South Africa and also consider supporting Africa Revolution as it continues to provide opportunities to young people to learn to live by faith and love others.

For a glimpse of Mamelodi, check out Nathan’s documentary photojournalism project “HIV Stories: AIDS, Poverty and Faith .”

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